Ruben Rosenbrand

Lead Inventor

Ruben has a relentless focus on creating impactful innovations that make intuitive sense – for both the consumer and the organisation. He loves deep-diving in complex, multi-layered challenges and bringing it back to comprehensive, single-minded solutions. Over the years he has worked across a wide spectrum of innovation challenges, ranging from asset-driven innovations to future vision creation.

Whether it is investigating production lines for chocolate and gum plants, helping small scale farmers in East Africa towards a sustainable future, or creating a global innovation strategy for large beverage brands, Ruben likes to shape tailor-made processes to get to great outcomes. With a background as an Industrial Design Engineer, specialised in medical products and services, he combines his curiosity in the consumer’s mind with strategic design thinking to facilitate innovation processes.

Being Dutch, he enjoys outdoor activities like road biking and ice-skating, but indoors you might encounter him playing his electronic sax (one that can be muted, which was very welcomed by his girlfriend and neighbours).

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