Rosie O’Sullivan

Senior Inventor

Having experimented with playwriting, teaching, and now as an innovator, Rosie brings a unique ability to think outside the box to her role as Inventor. She has a deep passion for understanding how people learn, as well as how we change behaviours over time.

Prior to ?What If!, Rosie spent two years teaching science, putting her degree in theatre & performance to use while developing the curriculum and teaching for curiosity and engagement. She took pride in her ability to deliver difficult topics in a relevant and inspiring way. Since starting at ?What If!, Rosie has helped to develop an app in the healthcare market, which has the potential to change how senior citizens engage with technology.

Outside of work, Rosie splits her weekends between London and Yorkshire, where she then splits her time between brunching, playwriting and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The ?! moment I felt most Love:
When I heard a client we had worked alongside for 2 months say in a session that he had loved working with ?What If! so much that he didn’t want the experience to end!

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