Robin Erkamp

Foundation Inventor

With a background in foresight, innovation and qualitative research, Robin has helped multiple clients across categories navigate uncertainty and change, by methodically diving into the future, defining a clear vision and strategy and ideating for a future proof innovation funnel.

Curious about the future and passionate about uncovering tomorrow’s opportunities, Robin joined ?What If! to innovate for people and future proof businesses. Being both an analytical and creative thinker, he gets a kick out of connecting the dots between multiple insights and turning these into innovative concepts.

Prior to joining ?What If! Robin completed a bachelor in Trend Research and Concept Creation in Lifestyle, during which he has always been looking for opportunities to grow his skillset through extracurricular activities. As part of that, Robin joined an Amsterdam based innovation agency on a part time basis next to finishing his last two years in university, putting theory to practice.

Outside of work, Robin enjoys taking care of his 30+ houseplants, cooking healthy food and reminiscing about the 25 months of traveling around the world and meeting so many different people and cultures before going to university.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the greatest Impact:
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