raluca preda

Raluca Preda

Senior Designer

Raluca believes design is a force to be reckoned with. It has the ability to excite, inspire, lead, challenge, and impact all of us. But design is not just making something look cool or pretty: it’s about digging deep, engaging with real people and asking provocative questions that lead to the “how” and “why” behind every final product. At ?What If!, Raluca combines the power of design with real human insights to create thoughtful and impactful designs across categories. She’s designed a new-to-world alcohol category specifically for today’s millennials, created a lo-fi subscription service prototype that spearheaded a small scale pilot for a major social mission organization, and she ran design experiments in London bars and bottle shops to fully understand that when it comes to a new type of beer, consumers have a lot to say! Insitu design experiments are her new favorite passion.

Before joining ?!, Raluca most recently worked at Johnson & Johnson’s Global Strategic Design Office, focusing on finding new ways to elevate its beauty brands to become premium products across the global market, while better connecting them with local consumer behaviors and needs.

Motherhood, check. Co-owning a café in the West Village with her main man, check.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
We were working with the largest U.S. social mission organization, and my team delivered a lo-fi designed prototype of one of our ideas to the client. Having a beautiful and real concept to place in their hands changed everything – they decided they had to get this in front of consumers ASAP.

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