Rae Dominique What If

Rae Dominique


Rae has an analytical brain that is always keen to take on new challenges, and he does so with a smile on his face and an open mind. He has a knack for problem-solving and geeks out when it comes to numbers, calculations and Excel. Rae studied Mechanical Engineering (Honours) and has a natural curiosity for how things work. He can often be found taking things apart just to try putting them back together again.

Most recently, Rae worked as a Business Development Manager at a Microsoft Partner software company and he ran his own Electronic Shisha Business: Shangri-La Shisha.

Rae has an infectious laugh and thinks the only days wasted are those where there’s nothing to laugh about.

The ?! moment I’ve felt most Passion:

During my undergrad, I flew to Uganda with a goal to design and build easy-fit guttering for galvanised roofs. Having successfully completed the project, my team and I installed it for an elderly woman who showed her appreciation with the most grateful hug I’ve ever received.

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