phil dorman

Phil Dorman


Formerly head of the ?What If! Asia Capability team, Phil’s passion, coupled with his business experience, has proved invaluable for clients looking to transform their organizations and get their people innovating. Since joining ?What If! in 2008, Phil has tackled challenges as varied as running a program to creatively inspire all 19,000 employees of a spirits business, helping insights teams at Kraft put the consumer at the heart of their business planning, and collaborating with the managing committee of the Economist Group Asia to create a culture of innovation. His most recent adventure includes re-locating to the UK and joining the London office.

Prior to his current role, Phil set up and ran the Shanghai-based social-network marketing agency Confucius Says, where he and his team helped 42 Below sow the seeds of cocktail culture in China’s cities, as well as manage the China luxury partner network for Visa Black.

When not traveling the world getting people inspired about their creative talent, Phil can be found biking together with his wife and two kids.

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