patrick shepherd

Patrick Shepherd

Senior Producer

A natural problem solver, Patrick loves when all the moving parts of a project work in unison to turn a vision into reality. As a Senior Producer, Patrick has helped to bring many projects to life and has enhanced the experience for all involved. Working both his logistical and creative muscles, Patrick has worked on product design for a global beer company, new product creation and testing for a multinational food company, and helped pharmaceutical companies gain better insights on the ecosystems that surround their own customers.

Before bringing his creativity and wit to ?What If!, Patrick worked as an actor. He has appeared in over 20 TV commercials.

Patrick grew up on the Jersey Shore and now lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. When not at work, Patrick can be found performing improv comedy, exploring the city, camping, and hiking.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
My project director came to me with a rough sketch of an idea for a functioning prototype of this brand new kind of beverage dispenser. He asked if I could build it—in 6 days. Not only did I build it, but it worked and greatly impressed the client by bringing realness into the session.

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