Nina Powell


An innovation practitioner with extensive international experience, Nina practices what she preaches.She is passionate about creating future fit businesses, full of inspired people who believe in the potential of both themselves and their business. Her ability to bridge the worlds of commercial inventing and organisational innovation gives her a unique perspective and her partners an unusual advantage.

Since joining in 1997, Nina has helped create growth platforms for companies in categories as diverse as airlines, publishing, healthcare and retail. She was part of our UK leadership team before embarking on the adventure of moving to New York to co-found ?What If! USA. Now Nina has returned to her London roots where she helps clients develop innovation strategies for the European and Global markets.

Outside of work Nina enjoys the lifestyle shift from Manhattan to the leafy home counties whilst working her way through “36 Hours – 125 weekends in Europe” to get a regular city fix!

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
Getting on the plane to start up ?What If! USA from scratch. When I’ve felt most Impact? Returning 8 years later leaving a $10m business packed with 70 passionate ?What If!ers helping our clients do amazing, audacious things in their own businesses.

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