mike galbo

Mike Galbo


Mike has a passion for tackling big problems and unearthing the unique insights to solve them. Whether it’s orchestrating the next consumer co-creation session or using the latest digital platforms to uncover large-scale insights, Mike’s ability to design and execute research strategies has given him the ability to quickly grasp new concepts and create sustainable offerings. Mike’s work at ?What If! spans a number of industries, from CPG to healthcare. Whether creating new kinds of beer, designing a fresh way to get our photos our of our phones and onto our walls, or storyboarding the next ?What If! podcast, Mike relishes in learning about the way people live their lives and share their stories.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Mike used his entrepreneurial drive to start two companies – a venture-backed healthtech company that was inspired by his grandmother’s stay in a nursing home, and an innovative waste-to-energy technology, which he co-developed as part of his graduate research work.

For Mike, there’s no challenge that can’t be solved on the dance floor.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
I was working with a client gathering insight for 5 different product directions in just two weeks. To accelerate the work, I lead 17 in-person co-creation sessions in bars, restaurants and Manhattan lofts with over 100 consumers to test and build ideas over just 14 days. The result? 3 new products on path to market.

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