Megan Flood

Lead Inventor

Obsessively curious, Megan is passionate about unearthing the “why” behind what people say and do. She believes the deepest insights are unlocked by looking beneath the twitch of a consumer’s eyebrow, hacking an everyday product, or taking a peek into a medicine cabinet – and there’s nothing that thrills her more than putting together a solid research plan. As a Lead Inventor at ?What If!, Megan’s insights have fueled the development of north star packaging design for a global beer manufacturer, created new credit card offerings for affluent millennials, and informed the design of a major pharmaceutical company’s next generation workplace.

Before joining the ?What If! team, Megan was a publicist with clients ranging from an e-commerce subscription craft box for kids to the former heavy weight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Megan has lived ?What If!’s adventure value personally by biking from NYC to Montreal over the course of four days with her then boyfriend. Her ?What If! colleagues called it the murder/marry trip, and she is happy to report the outcome was marriage, not murder.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
We were working with a national delivery organization to design a new uniform for employees. We trekked through three feet of snow in Boston with couriers as they went along their daily delivery routes. The day left me drenched and sore, but also full of respect and inspired to design something that met the brutally physical demands of their job.

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