Matt Sorkin


Matt believes true empathy unlocks energy, collaboration, and creativity. As an Inventor, he enjoys immersing himself in the world of the people he’s solving for, and challenging existing mental models. Matt has a curious mind and he loves finding out the “why” through observing and savvy synthesis.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Matt was the head of design strategy at an educational technology company in New Zealand, developing award-winning experiences for teachers, students, and corporations. Before living in New Zealand, he worked at a global consulting firm and assisted the United States Navy’s effort to meet a congressionally mandated financial audit.

Outside of the office, Matt can be found hiking, scuba diving, attempting to learn the piano, or watching his beloved New England sports teams compete (and as a New England sports fan, he’s always receptive to the friendly reminder that he now lives in New York).

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
We were running an experimental change workshop in Mexico with a global toy company. Our supplies were held up in customs, so I went on a scavenger hunt around the city to find everything. I don’t speak any Spanish, and I had to find random items, like lab coats, caution tape, magnify glasses, and construction helmets.

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