matt shenk

Matt Shenk

Experience Designer

As ?What If! NYC’s Experience Designer, Matt blends an expertise in the digital world with a playful and ambitious mindset to bring the ?What If! process and big ideas to life in unforgettable ways. He is a passionate documentarian of human behavior, immersing himself and (his camera) into the lives of our clients’ target consumers. By accompanying them into their homes, cars, favorite hotels, bars or stores, Matt uncovers insight first-hand and shares it back through mediums ranging from traditional video ethnographies, to in-person sessions, to virtual and augmented reality.

Matt comes to ?What If! from the world of video production, where he was inspired to pursue a career in creativity following his time with The Colbert Report. Having spent time on many different sets, Matt has experience generating all types of content.

While Matt is a self-admitted technology addict, he equally enjoys unplugging completely and spending time in nature or at the dog park with his hound Archie.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
One of my favorite moments on every project is reviewing raw footage from the field and seeing just how deeply a ?What If! team has immersed themselves in a challenge. From piloting drones and sparring with taekwondo masters to visiting hospitals around the world to speak with patients, it is amazing how audacious a path to breakthrough thinking can be.

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