Tilly Barrowcliff

Matilda Barrowcliff

Senior Inventor

Matilda is constantly on the hunt for that sweet spot between humans, business, design and technology. She brings with her an analytical problem solving mind, partnered with a unique design background. Since becoming part of the ?What If! family, Matilda has worked on a variety of innovation challenges: from hospitals, to energy, to the future of cars.

Matilda came from Levi’s in San Francisco, where she was part of the the design and innovation team. Whilst there, Matilda was lucky enough to play a leading role in the creation of a collection, a new app, and Levi’s x Google Jacquard jacket. It was here that she fell in in love with problems, rather than solutions.

When not in work, you can either find her at an exhibition, cycling (badly) around London or trying to look graceful scaling a climbing wall.

The ?! moment I felt most Audacity:
When I hurtled around London on a bike with a film camera strapped to my back, travelling from doctor to doctor to interview them on the endless possibilities of innovation within the NHS.

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