martin smith

Martin Smith


An empath by nature, Martin has a passion for insights that has him walking in others’ shoes almost as often as his own. Combine this with an optimistic creativity and curiosity and you get an ardent innovator, keen to demystify and solve for the complex motivations behind consumer behaviors. Martin’s favorite projects are those that allow him to speak face-to-face with consumers and experts to unlock hidden insight. On a recent healthcare project, he went in-home with brave patients to understand the nuanced emotional journeys of people fighting cancer. For a snack foods client, he dug into the nutritional habits of millennials in Mexico – his mother’s homeland.

Drawing from an interdisciplinary and itinerant background, Martin cultivated his professional acumen in Japan, France, Singapore, Australia, India and the UK, where his creative endeavors ranged from the art of hospitality, to the science of education, to the magic of product development.

In case the laundry list of countries where he lived and worked didn’t give it away, Martin’s got a need for travel and exploration, whether it means waking at dawn to snap wildlife photos in the great outdoors, or dancing till dawn during a night on the town.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
We were conducting a global beverage study with an intricate research methodology and a LOT of moving parts. Seeing our ?What If! offices in the UK and China pitch in to make each market a success, I realized that the magic of what we do extends beyond borders, and even if we’ve never met in person, we’re one big family.

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