Martin Hill

Martin Hill

UK Creative Director

Martin has been making the cold hard world of ones and zeros warm and fluffy since 1995, with a focus on always designing solutions that work in the real world – for the user and for the business.

At ?What If! he champions early experimentation with rapid prototyping, consumer testing, learning and iteration, bringing ideas to life and creating maximum impact. He’s obsessive about creating maximum realism to ensure the deepest learnings, whether it’s an app for a leading health insurance brand or a learning platform for medical practitioners.

Prior to ?What If! Martin worked as a designer, creative director and digital strategist at numerous leading advertising agencies, e-commerce companies and digital agencies.

Outside of work, you’ll mainly find Martin outside (either walking, Lycra-free cycling or embarking on overly ambitious DIY garden projects), socialising with friends, playing in his band, and generally trying to resist starting yet another new hobby!

The ?! moment I felt the most impact:

During my first project I worked on at ?What If! when we realised what we were doing could genuinely make a positive difference to people’s lives.

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