Maroescha Sanches

Research Specialist

Maroescha always liked puzzles. From jigsaw puzzles when she was little, to consulting on client research questions now. Maroescha is a true data savvy with a passion for choice-based-research. She is eager to find underlying structures and focused on details.

Starting at ?!, she provided expert support for product and pricing research that uncovers consumers’ preferences and offers proven analytics to select product features, assess price sensitivity and predict adoption of new products or services. ?What If! has allowed her to dive even further into the powerful techniques of discrete modelling. Since joining the ?! team, her love for ‘decision-making behaviour’ and ‘choice-modelling’ has grown and grown.

Before joining ?!, Maroescha worked for an award-winning market research agency in Amsterdam, where she discovered her passion for Choice-based-research, completed several Choice Modelling workshops and supported clients for successful innovation launch.

When she is not at work, you’ll find her catching up with her family, or travelling around the world with her husband and her dog.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Adventure:

The moment I’ve had the greatest adventure: I left the Amsterdam office for a 3-month exchange to the US office. I navigated my way across New York, helped-out my over-sea research colleagues, and learned there is something new to discover around every corner.  

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