Mark Newhouse


Mark has the eye of a keen observer, the imagination of a great designer, and the resolve of an entrepreneur. He draws upon all three at ?What If!, where he helps clients see and respond to future forces of change, connect with leading-edge innovators and pursue new ventures in more agile and creative ways. Mark is based in New York, having spent time in San Francisco to tap the thinking and expertise of Silicon Valley and connect it to ?What If!’s own offering around experimentation.

Mark has worked extensively in financial services, consumer tech, and digital commerce, as well in packaged goods, food and beverage, and the public and charitable sectors. He has helped one of the world’s largest consumer banks reimagine their entire credit card portfolio, bringing several successful brands and products to market. He created the digitally enabled offering and innovation roadmap for one of the world’s most recognized and esteemed artistic brands; and he’s currently working with a leading healthcare company on a new model and venture to promote greater community health through greater food security.

Prior to ?What If!, Mark co-founded Nu-Kitchen an early e-commerce meal delivery service, designed to bridge the difference between healthy eating and convenience. Following his company’s acquisition by Nutrisystem, he joined their senior leadership team to build the company’s fresh and premium lines of business. Previously, he also served as part of Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s economic development team, where he implemented New York City’s first comprehensive service suite for small businesses. Mark cut is teeth in innovation at American Express, where he brought to market the company’s first-generation digital payment products.

Outside of ?What If! Mark stays close to his passion for the performing arts (he’s been found in more than one orchestra pit over the years). These days he’s branched into dance, taking lessons from his three-year daughter Frankie who clearly has all the moves.

The ?! moment I’ve had the most Impact:
I live for the Impact: Seeing a brand and a product that we’ve personally had a hand in bringing to market – something I’ve had the opportunity to do again and again at ?What If! – and how it’s benefited our clients, improved their customers’ lives and reset the rules of the game. There’s nothing quite like it.

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