manuela antunes

Manuela Antunes

Senior Inventor

Manuela has a great passion for understanding the ‘human’ behind a challenge and is fuelled by her endless curiosity in behaviour and in ways in which life can be improved. From shaping the future of yogurts to looking at how e-devices can assist patients in monitoring their conditions, Manuela has helped businesses create commercially impactful solutions grounded in human needs.

She began her career as a legal counsel to two of the major French cosmetics and luxury manufacturers, waking her passion for product development and corporate strategy.

Born and bred in the beautiful mountains of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Manuela has lived in Canada, France and now in London where she loves to walk in the parks and enjoy British ‘organised freedom’.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
I led one of our clients to move beyond their core expertise in pills and explore giving chronic pain sufferers less invasive solutions that are better for their bodies.

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