maeve osullivan

Maeve O’Sullivan


Maeve takes constant delight in creating innovation transformation within organisations and inventing new brands, products and services. What gets Maeve out of the bed – is uncovering newness and working with clients to create fresh thinking in their organisations. Maeve is driven towards exposing insights into the human side of innovation. Which means since joining ?What If! she has been bringing her endless energy to challenges as diverse as the future of yoghurt, team engagement in the gaming industry, to changing the world of retail experience in high fashion.

Even before inventing with ?What If! Maeve’s career has always been about how to challenge assumptions to change behaviour. She began with psychology, focusing on organisation engagement and design before refining her external perspective as a brand consultant.

Outside of ?What If! Maeve can be found in the Lake District, scouring London food markets for the latest cheese innovation or wishfully planning her next diving trip.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
I was working with a large energy provider to uncover a collective sense of purpose and impact for them. At the project close, they felt truly empowered to move to the next stage of their exciting growth chapter. One of the reasons I love what I do.

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