madeline felix

Madeline Felix


Madeline thrives at the intersection of creativity and strategy, that sweet spot where bold ideas make real impact. A storyteller by nature and training, she loves tackling new projects with an eye for the broader landscape and deeper message. In her work with ?What If!, Madeline has partnered with clients across financial services, beauty, healthcare, food and beverage, and more. Whether creating financial solutions geared toward small business owners or diving into the world of probiotic skin care, Madeline loves finding that unique nugget of insight that blows the challenge wide open and paves the way to future opportunity.

Before landing in the world of innovation with ?What If!, Madeline honed her storytelling skills while working on Broadway with veteran theatre producer Elizabeth I. McCann, conducting research in Vietnam as a U.S. Fulbright Fellow, and, most recently, completing her MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia University.

By day, Madeline is an East Village innovator—but in the early morning hours (and by the grace of coffee), she is a Brooklyn writer finishing her first book.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
In talking with small business owners all over the country about managing cash flow, inventory, staff, etc., the conversation kept coming back to pride. These men and women were proud and passionate about their role in their communities, families, and employees’ lives. Our team knew needed to tie this message of pride into our final recommendation, and it was a big unlock for our clients.

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