Lisa Dubow

Lisa Dubow

Lead Inventor

With the word “why” always on the tip of her tongue, Lisa thrives exploring what makes people tick. She brings that inner detective to ?What If?, where she finds the thrill in investigating all angles of a business ­– unearthing that special blend of human, organizational, and commercial insight. Lisa has embraced challenges across healthcare, beauty, and food & beverage. From strategizing for a future with disruptive biotechnologies for a major pharmaceutical company to leveraging digital analysis and foresight to help predict consumer reactions to breakthrough skincare ingredients, Lisa is especially passionate about helping our clients’ future-proof their businesses.

Lisa’s previous work as a digital media strategist has inspired her to bring the right mix of quantitative and qualitative insight to all of her work.

As an LA native and Brooklyn resident, Lisa is a true urbanite. But that doesn’t stop her from making every vacation an outdoor expedition. She’s hiked her way through Yosemite, Yellowstone, and the Rocky Mountains. A major trek abroad is up next!

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
I watched a pharmaceutical leadership team immerse in a chronic patient’s treatment story and read it aloud, in the first-person. That experience created a clear shift in the way we started thinking about our challenge.

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