Kit Braithwaite

Kit Braithwaite

Foundation Inventor

Kit brings a curious mind and analytical nature to ?!What If. He looks beyond the obvious to unearth deeper meaning and motivations behind data to reveal valuable human-focused insight. He’s in his element getting under the skin of a problem, talking to consumers and analysing the data before pulling it all together to get creative with solutions.

Kit pairs an analytical process with a human-led approach. His passion for figuring out what makes people tick was first developed whilst studying Psychology and Criminology, then honed to a commercial edge during his time working on strategy within the advertising industry. Kit’s experience spans a variety of categories including baby care, ice cream and finance, giving him a versatile understanding of different consumers.

Kit can often be found in the kitchen (or over a BBQ) pretending he’s some sort of chef. Occasionally sinking hours into outlandish meals for one, but mostly putting on delicious spreads for his mates. Creativity doesn’t just happen in the office!

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