kia hallaji

Kia Hallaji

Senior Inventor

Innovation that gets Kia out of bed in the morning is bringing meaningful change to people’s lives. From knitting together a global pharmaceutical company under an aligned purpose; digging into probate law, to building a business that eases the admin that surrounds losing a loved one; or working with a big 5 energy company to figure out the future of clean energy – Kia is all about bringing positive impact to the lives of those that his projects touch.

Kia spent his formative years touring the country in search of the next big musician. Alongside talent scouting, it was Kia’s job to transform the artists on his roster into profitable businesses by lecturing on social media, website development, and promotion.

A distance running, video game playing, football loving, musician, and board game aficionado – it’s said that Kia has an eclectic set of hobbies. The two things that are consistent about Kia, are his contagious passion and infectious sense of humour.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
I took the senior execs for a prestigious retailer into their stores to interact with customers – something they never do. We accosted customers in store to learn about their experience. It was as eye-opening for them as it was terrifying for me.

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