katy wu

Katy Wu

Lead Inventor

Katy has found her true calling in seeing the smile on consumers’ faces. The accomplished feeling of helping the world become better through innovation keeps her seeking breakthroughs in business and society all the time.

Before joining ?What If!, Katy worked with a variety of businesses: cracking the haircare category with a new brand for teenagers which pioneered the “pink boom” in Taiwan and Asia; developing a record-breaking new flavor of potato chips for Lay’s, boosting sales tenfold within three years; and making the 3C protective digital accessories brand the No.1 selling brand in China’s online market. Katy received her Master’s degree in Social Psychology from the University of Tokyo and studied Business Administration at Taiwan University.

Katy lives by her own motto: “Be old in age, but young in mind.” To be forever young, she stays involved in activities that challenge and exercise her mind at work and surrounds herself with pop culture fad and trends during private time. She is also passionate about tasty food, yet a terrible cook.

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