katie hillier

Katie Hillier


A believer in applying the power of technology to better interpret people’s patterns and behaviors, Katie combines keen critical analysis with creative problem solving to develop new methodologies and unlock meaningful insights. She brings an extensive background in both traditional ethnographic research and new digital technologies to help clients understand their consumers – and, most importantly, form a deeper and more authentic connection with them. By leveraging the power of digital insight for innovation, she’s driven impact across multiple categories – from partnering with the world’s leading auto manufacturer to re-invent the SUV of the future, to unlocking engagement opportunities with today’s $400 billion dollar youth generation for a media & entertainment leader.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Katie built the digital research division at a global market research firm.

Katie’s day job is innovation, but on weekends she makes necklaces for a jewelry line she launched last year.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
It’s my passion for adventure that keeps me constantly engaged and excited in the office. As a part of our Impact Lab, ?What If!’s internal incubator, I get to constantly explore and experiment with new technologies and digital platforms. One of my favorite hacks is wearing a tiny camera that takes a photo every 30 seconds. During research, this is a great way to capture meaningful micro moments that can easily be missed when meeting new people or exploring new environments.

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