Kate Kranenburg


As an intensely curious child, Kate’s passion for understanding the human experience began at an early age. Now as an Inventor, Kate satisfies her curiosity by examining the interaction between people and systems and using those insights to help build empathy-driven products, services, and experiences for clients.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Kate was a Senior Associate at a boutique consultancy focused on improving the healthcare ecosystem through talent, investment, and de novo business creation. There, she helped to enhance clients’ focus on the patient journey and led executive searches, placing Chief Executives, Marketing, and Product hires that aligned with the companies’ overall vision and strategy.

Having spent her college years in the woods at Dartmouth College, Kate has somehow grown to love big city living but still needs a balance of adventures outside New York City. Her favorite adventure to date was a canoe trip in the Amazon jungle. When she’s not off on exotic adventures, you can find Kate exploring the five boroughs by bike and taking in as much (cheap) live music in Brooklyn as possible.

The ?! moment I’ve felt Impact:
After a few days with consumers, experiencing the insecurity, discomfort, and pride they felt around skincare, the client said, “this refreshed my love for the work we do.” It just hit home how much of an impact we can have for our client partners too.

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