julia hoare

Julia Hoare


Julia is Director and Company Secretary for the ?What If! Group. Within this role she deals with many government agencies ensuring our records comply with appropriate laws. She also looks after all our Group tax compliance ensuring we pay our share of taxes in each region.

Prior to joining ?What If! in 1997, Julia ran her own accounting and tax consultancy advising small start-up businesses and private clients. These ranged in size from an international barrister up to a domiciliary care agency (employing 400 people).She also spent a few years specializing in the reporting for a number of hotels and restaurants in the UK. Not only did she learn key lessons in how to operate a successful business within the hospitality sector but also developed a love of good food and particularly good wine.

When not working and playing taxi to her teenage son, she enjoys travelling, wine tasting and ‘binge watching’ TV series.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
Assisting in the establishment of the ?What If! USA and Asia businesses. There were huge amounts of ‘red tape’ in establishing both businesses and I sometimes thought we’d never get over the hurdles. I’m pleased that all the hard work has paid off.

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