john henry boudreaux

John Henry Boudreaux

Lead Inventor

John Henry engages each project with enthusiasm and energy to ensure memorable innovation training sessions and lasting innovation breakthroughs. Through ?What If!, he has worked with bench scientists to design next-gen laboratory workspaces that promote collaboration and connection, developed an innovation process and toolkit tailored to meet the needs of a major insurance company and trained numerous individuals on how to bring an innovative mindset to their everyday work.

Before joining ?What If!, John Henry was a writer and entrepreneur always interested in being a part of what was new and cutting edge.

With two first names, John Henry could only be from the South. A Brooklyn transplant, he brings a bit of that southern hospitality and cooking to his kitchen table each Sunday, hosting family and guests.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
It’s the impact that drives me on a daily basis. We were working with a major delivery organization, and I lived the life of a parcel delivery person for a week to understand the day-to-to day challenges and the compounding wear on the person and their equipment and clothing throughout the week. When it came time to land a solution, our team made sure that it didn’t just fit the moment-to-moment needs, but also delivered on the longer term challenges.

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