Joel Carter

Senior Inventor

Joel (pronounced “Jo Elle”) is passionate about empowering people and creating positive change in the world. It’s no coincidence then that as a Foundation Inventor Joel is the go-to team member for bringing inspirational stimulus to the table (often introducing socially conscious stimulus) or keeping the consumer’s needs top of mind during ideation. When bringing ideas to life, Joel is key in connecting vendors, technicians, and recruiters to make sure the innovation process goes off without a hitch. Throughout this process, you can always find Joel with a smile on his face.

Prior to ?What If!, Joel nurtured his passion for creating positive change at the Social Impact Fund Fundie and developed his Producer skills by producing fashion shows for clients such as Alexander Wang, Lacoste, and Under Armour.

Outside of work, you can find Joel working on his side hustle which connects celebrity influencers to projects focused on social good, such as helping share the stories of immigrant communities. Still in the early stages, Joel uses his free-time to hit the streets of New York and talk to immigrants about their culture, family, history, and ambitions. More to come!

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:

Is yet to come…

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