jessica croucher

Jessica Croucher


Jessica has a fierce ability to understand what makes people tick. Coupled with a strong commercial streak, she generates powerful, insight-led ideas that transform the growth trajectory of her clients. Recent highlights include defining the commercial future of ‘smart’ medical devices for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, running a competitive review of the German chocolate market to help a multi-billion dollar brand prioritise their innovation pipeline and designing new route-to-market strategies for an oral care brand.

Prior to ?What If! Jessica worked in co-creation, developing an invaluable grounding in collaborative innovation techniques. She tackled challenges from redesigning the catering model of a short haul airline to defining a role in world politics for a major social media brand.

Outside of work, you’ll find her either rolling her sleeves up in the kitchen- attempting an elaborate recipe she’s seen whilst touring the restaurants of London- or on stage at open mic night as she pursues her passion for stand-up comedy.

The ?! moment I’ve felt most Impact:
I helped create three websites in as many days to generate real market data on disruptive propositions. It gave our client the confidence they needed to push the ideas through to pilot in record time.

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