Jeremy Sy


A child of Southeast Asia who has lived and worked all over the world, Jeremy co-leads ?What If!’s expansion into Asia-Pacific. His coldly rational brain and stubbornly creative soul find common ground in taking on challenges that are about inventing better futures for businesses, communities and socieities.

Since joining ?What If! in 2020, Jeremy has helped secure Australia’s borders from illicitly imported goods, invented new beverages for the fast-changing Chinese market, and made a Singaporean government department more agile and citizen-centric.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Jeremy spent seven years as a futures consultant, helping companies shape the future of red meat, household care products and his home country (the Philippines).

Jeremy loves dark humour, comic books and long walks to the fridge.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:

I love getting clients to think more audaciously about their businesses. Working with a telco company in Manila, I will always remember the moment when our discussions got the client team to re-think their strategy from shaping the future of technology to shaping the future of the Philippines.

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