jenny max

Jenny Max

Global Executive Assistant

PA to the European Leadership Team and Values guardian, Jenny Max brings her unstoppable energy and passion to support those around her. With an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn, she’s always ready to jump into the task at hand. Her enthusiasm shines through her work, be it keeping the Leadership Team on track, creating a Chilli cook off or organising the “Whatiffies” Christmas Party.

Prior to ?What If! Jenny honed her creativity, diplomacy, and multitasking skills through looking after senior bods in the media industry, specialising in coordinating and running pitches.

Outside of the office, Jenny enjoys spending time visiting London’s amazing outdoor lidos. She’s even moved to Notting Hill to be near her favourite, the Serpentine. The lowest temperature she’s braved is 4˚c – in a wetsuit 😉 – and this year she’s determined to take on the “New Year’s Dip” challenge. Brrrrrrrrrr.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
I felt the most love while stepping back at the Christmas Party, looking around the room and seeing the laughter across each table as the guests settled down for a night of  celebrating each other’s hard work and success.

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