Irene Hanna

Executive Assistant

The best way to describe Irene is that she is made of up equal parts Positivity, Support, and “Keepin’ It Real.” Her positivity is infectious and she’s always in pursuit of challenges and fresh tasks that allow her to channel her quirky brightness. The support Irene provides to ?What If!’s Leadership, Directors and Coordinator team is nothing short of miraculous. It’s no surprise she gets her kicks from supporting these good-hearted people and takes vicarious joy in their success. When it comes to “Keepin’ it Real,” Irene gracefully surfs the edges of tact and constructive directness.

Following 10 years as a project manager in the mechanical engineering industry, Irene gave up her hard hat and toe warmers to live a much cozier indoor existence as an Executive Assistant. Since that transition, she’s been an Executive Assistant at a major news corporation, a TV network covering all your favorite topics (think: food, cooking, travel, and DIY) and a handful of small and medium tech start-ups before coming to ?What If!.

She is a native Brooklynite from Bay Ridge and loves throwing dinner parties, interior decorating, learning to speak Spanish and, of course, the Beastie Boys. She also absolutely adores her daughter Amanda, feline son Milo and her super-Basque partner Jose (hence the whole learning to speak Spanish thing).

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:
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