Ines Sanchez Calatrava

Associate Director

Ines is passionate about finding needles in haystacks. Creatively solving problems by finding patterns, making connections and producing something relevant to people and businesses at the end of it. Since joining ?What If!, she has redefined the future of the retail experience for a major oral care brand, using the latest in digital display technology to educate consumers in their oral care habits; developed a product proposition for one of the largest infant nutrition brands worldwide; and has been a key player in the integration of the inventing and design disciplines within the business.

Prior to ?What If!, Ines spent 10 years working design agency side, managing design teams, whilst developing end to end product and packaging innovations predominantly in FMCG.

She is in love with nature and the outdoors but an urbanite deep at heart, continuously observing the world and thinking up ideas for future products – so watch out gym goers for the new bag that will revolutionise your world.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
During my first big project at ?! I was able to bring ideas to life incredibly fast by creating 3D prototypes that the client wasn’t even expecting. The models worked wonders in demonstrating the power of the tangible and the affect that new technology can have in accelerating innovation.

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