Holly Stead

Holly Stead

Foundation Inventor

In the complex world that exists today, Holly believes in using innovation to solve business challenges. With a background in Psychology, Holly thrives in insight-led innovation, applying a human-centric approach and deep empathy when solving real human problems. Stretching across our Growth Futures and Growth Cultures proposition, she has helped launch future-facing propositions and power huge cultural transformation. With every project, her goal is to deliver exceptional ?What If! client experiences no matter the challenge.

Pre ?What If!, Holly was deep in the world of psychology. She completed her masters at King’s College in Forensic Clinical Psychology that led to working in a high secure prison as an Assistant Psychologist alongside global research experiences. She has written and co-written research on a variety of topics; the impact artificial intelligence is having on human existence, the ability to train prison officers to be more psychologically-minded, and had her research on how using social media influences your psychological well-being, specifically in reference to FoMO, published in a global publication.

In her spare time, you’ll find Holly with her camera roaming the undiscovered streets of a new city or hammering away creating a new piece of jewellery on her avid attempt to have some sort of enviable side-hustle.


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