Helena Waters

Senior Inventor

Helena is driven by understanding what makes people tick and striving to make the world a little better, one innovation at a time – be it through solutions that are healthier, cheaper, easier or just more fun. Her experience lies in consumer insight, strategy and brand architecture with a real passion for breaking down complex puzzles and using her energetic, dynamic approach to push through simple, sustainable solutions that deliver growth.

Helena’s obsession with people and what drives empathy was fostered by her background in theatre, direction and dramaturgy. Understanding how to connect with an audience and tell truly compelling stories unites the worlds of stage and innovation, where she has gone on to work with the world’s biggest brands, consistently & determinedly getting products to shelf across categories and markets.

Any time she’s not working, she’s probably running. A qualified PT and running coach, she’s a local ultra-running women’s champion with double-digit marathons under her belt. Her love of being active has led to her involvement with GoodGym, a charity aimed at getting communities fit by doing good. If not running, baking… after all what’s the best reward for a plod around the park than a large slice of cake?!


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