Hannah Scarfe

Hannah Scarf

Senior Inventor

Hannah has a crazy curiosity for humans and their relationship with the spaces in which they live and work. She is hugely inspired by their stories, their potential to do amazing things, and what drives them or holds them back. At ?What If! she gets to unleash this curiosity daily; talking to consumers, industry experts and clients to find out what makes them tick.

Previously, Hannah studied Geography at Edinburgh University, juggling her degree with entrepreneurial ventures. She worked with a number of start-ups, helping them nurture ideas from initial sparks of insight into tangible goodness.

When not picking people’s brains, Hannah is never happier then when exploring the sweet spot between food, culture and society in a new country, preferably with the option to spend a few days by the ocean attempting to surf.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
I was thrown straight into productive creativity training on my second day at ?What If! and spent the entire session in a Ninja Turtle outfit surrounded by superheroes and elves.

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