Georgia Massie-Taylor

Foundation Inventor

Through her Philosophy degree, Georgia discovered a love of questioning. She believes it is through a multitude of contrasting thoughts, an open-minded discourse, and a bravery to occasionally do the unthinkable, that all the best ideas are born. It is this audacious approach and inquisitive nature that makes her a great fit for the team. What Georgia loves about ?! is the unrivalled opportunity it gives to straddle the gap between fluid creativity and meticulous organisation.

Before ?!, Georgia worked for a Strategy Consulting firm, taught Photography at a Charity, and dipped her toes into the world of Digital Marketing. The variety of Georgia’s different roles has taught her how to be flexible and adapt to multiple challenges.

A city girl through and through: In her spare time, you’ll find Georgia exploring London at the latest exhibition, foodie hotspot or exciting new venue.


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