garret prather

Garret Prather

Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations

Garret pours his energy into running an efficient, strategic business. Always striving to innovate our processes and operations, he spends his time turning the numerous cogs behind the scene. From overseeing profitability and systems operations to managing the staffing and the Heart of House teams, his creativity surfaces when having to problem-solve across the board.

Prior to ?What If!, Garret helped projects run both efficiently and profitably as a Senior Project Controller at one of the largest management consulting firms in the world.

When you see him in the office, ask him the next country he’s going to explore.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
It is the different ways I can impact our business that keeps me walking to the East Village every day. No two days are the same thanks to the numerous challenges – and opportunities – present in operating a small business. The incredible talents and achievements of our people create a unique culture that drives me to continually try to improve the way we do business.

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