fred sham

Fred Sham


Fred’s expertise in how environment and economics impact people’s everyday decisions enables him to bring a unique perspective to innovation and commercial strategy. At ?What If!, Fred works across a range of industries – including financial services, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods. Whether he is partnering with a leading national integrated healthcare company to improve food security for its members (leading to better health outcomes and decreased cost of care) or partnering with a major global investment management company to design and launch its first direct-to-consumer investment platform, Fred helps clients crack tough challenges and deliver impactful and socially responsible products, services, and businesses to the market.

Prior to embarking on his journey at ?What If!, Fred worked at one of the largest economic development agencies in New York City. There, his work ranged from innovating new services and methods for dated municipal processes (including, yes, garbage), to catalyzing the growth of emerging technology, advertising, media, and information industries. Fred received his Master’s in Urban Planning from Columbia University, where he deepened his understanding of human-centered design.

He’s now settled in Brooklyn, but as a transplant from Vancouver, Canada, you can find Fred doing all the cliché things Pacific Northwesterners do—namely hiking and camping. Drop him a line if you also share a love of ketchup-flavored potato chips.

The ?! moment I’ve witnessed the most Audacity:
Working with a fantastic and brilliant set of clients to ask and answer the brief of a lifetime: “How can we ensure basic human needs are met to create more healthy years?”.

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