Filip Wolski What If

Filip Wolski

Associate Director

Where is the intersection between ideas that solve human problems, what is technically possible and satisfies the requirements for business success? Filip is passionate about trying to find out. He thrives on co-creating solutions that will deliver meaningful impact, whether it is designing a new commercial banking proposition for a global trade bank or re-thinking humanitarian action. His pragmatic streak ensures projects move at pace and his strategic thinking that ideas never lose sight of the commercial bottom line, whilst keeping things both human and fun.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Filip worked as a design strategist where his projects focused on unlocking growth and sparking change in complex environments cutting across healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, central government, NGOs, and humanitarian assistance.

Outside of work, Filip can be found planning another adventure hiking, hitching or biking to the next destination. He also makes Swedish baked goods. Just ask.

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