erin hersey

Erin Hersey

Lead Inventor

Erin’s relentless curiosity and constant upbeat energy makes her an intrepid innovation detective. She views every project as an opportunity to help clients identify their innate capabilities, existing resources, and forces affecting their larger business realities—then applies this information to crack their most pressing challenges. As a Lead Inventor in the Organizational Inventing and Culture & Capability practices, Erin has partnered with leadership and teams in insurance, nonprofits, consumer-packaged goods, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals to build capability and unlock growth.

Before joining ?What If!, Erin worked in strategic roles in international development and agile technology,  and she currently teaches in the Masters of Strategic Design Management program at The New School.

Passionate about connecting people, Erin loves hosting Dinners With Ideas NYC, a quarterly dinner club where diverse individuals come together for spirited debate and conversation.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
Working with a team in pharma – a highly regulated industry – we expanded their view of what was possible by purposefully breaking the rules and conventions of the category. That freedom allowed them to push the bounds of the category and unlock new growth opportunities they hadn’t considered.

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