Eric Tepper

Foundation Inventor

As someone who empathizes with others and loves coming up with new ideas, Eric believes he’s found a perfect fit for his skill set at ?What If! He can’t choose his favorite moment in the innovation process, but he most enjoys getting to know people and their pain points—and he especially loves striving for a truly out-of-the-box solution.

Before joining ?What If!, Eric worked for in-house and external design consultancies, and he brings experience from healthcare to startups to bear on solving complex problems wherever they arise. Eric recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree in Integrated Product Design.

When not immersed in innovation, Eric enjoys traveling and exploring new places—especially underwater (he loves scuba diving)! If you ever need someone to wear a costume or cheer you on, give Eric a holler: he was his school’s mascot in college.

The ?! moment I’ve had greatest Adventure:
When working on an air travel project, Eric was the first to volunteer experiencing a cross country flight in economy, checked bag and all. He and his fellow teammates crisscrossed the country in a single day, immersing in the world of the consumer and their pain points to bring a richly nuanced understanding to bear on their challenge.

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