Elizabeth Real

CEO, Europe

Elizabeth leads our European business, creating growth strategies for our clients, our business and our people, the most passionate innovation talent in the market. By dissecting the behaviours of customers and employees today, she leads our team in bringing bold thinking that will unlock the business opportunities of tomorrow. She was a key part of the growth of ?What If! in the Americas, launching new brands, products and services in everything from wealth management to hospitality, technology to consumer goods, and tripling the size of our operation in the process.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Elizabeth was lead strategist at Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, developing innovation strategies and brand cultures for her clients—including Novartis, PepsiCo and the Democratic National Committee. She trained as a brand strategist at agency giants Grey, McCann-Erickson and Young & Rubicam.

A native Californian, Elizabeth is discovering London’s live music scene and working on her second novel.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Impact:
Since 2008, we have worked with a bright regional sales director leading to a whole new career path for him and major impact for his organization. Today, he leads the innovation practice for a pharmaceutical giant- feels like a victory for all of us.

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