Elena Mahno

Associate Director

Elena believes in rallying around human needs and building experiences that delight and empower others to change. With an interest in psychology and background in strategic design innovation, she helps clients at ?! unlock the deep and nuanced insights that guide their experimentation to develop the products, strategies, and organizations of the future.

Prior to ?What If!, Elena’s projects included working with key players in the pharmaceutical industry to launch vital therapies globally, designing an immersive leadership training program for a Swiss Fortune 500 company, and advancing human-centered policy at a Canadian university. She is an avid supporter of the arts, most recently having facilitated a dialogue on the importance of creative spaces amidst an affordability crisis for the World Cities Culture Forum.

Elena is a transplant from Toronto, Canada. When not inventing, you’ll find her taking advantage of NYC’s extensive immersive experience scene or confusing New Yorkers by apologizing one too many times. She frequently skips to her point after an em dash – get used to it.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
Is yet to come!

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