Drew Smith


From a young age, Drew dreamt of being a car designer. He even got a Masters in the subject. But it was the stories we tell about cars that opened his eyes to the power of our shared experiences. This led him to focus on ethnography as a means to understand the world around us, and inform the development of human-centred products, services and businesses. 

Driven by the power of human connection, Drew’s loves helping clients build better relationships with their colleagues and customers, and supporting his teams to deliver their best work. Sanguine about the role that technology plays in our lives, he strives to deliver solutions that use technology as a means to a positive end – rather than being the end in itself. He’s also passionate about reshaping our urban environment in the interests of sustainability and liveability. 

Prior to joining ?What If!, Drew held a variety of consultancy and in-house positions. He helped shaped the future for one of the UK’s biggest banks, and lead service design on a billion-dollar transformation project for Westpac Banking Corporation in Australia. Stints in the automotive industry have seen him focus on challenges as diverse as defining the future for a once-storied brand, to the development of an AI-driven system to allow people to customise their vehicles on the fly. 

Outside of work, Drew’s settling back into North London life (he’s lived in Sweden, France, Germany, the States and his native Australia besides), where he tends to his Dicksonia Antarctica. He also keeps the petrol pumping in his veins. He publishes a podcast and a newsletter about the future of the automotive industry and tries to get out of town every once in a while in his old car, Loretta. 

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