Dave Roycroft


Dave’s curiosity and incisiveness, coupled with his natural ability to bring the best out of people is a powerful combination in helping clients all over the world. As a culture and capability expert, Dave gets to fulfil his passion by challenging teams, leaders and organisations to innovate, develop and change.

He has broad experience helping Electronic Arts, Ikea, Old Mutual Wealth and Aviva redefine their strategy, culture and customer experience; helping a coffee powerhouse unlock their innovation capability; and helped build a culture of experimentation with Pfizer.

Before ?What If!, Dave worked in a variety of roles in learning and organisational development. Most recently with investment management firm Invesco changing the company’s approach to performance and building the capability of their global investment managers.

He is currently learning how to be a dad. Away from his daughters, Dave is happiest when mixing adventure, music and travel.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Passion:
Watching the leaders of one of the world’s best games studio spend time with serious gamers and viscerally reconnect with their own youth and be reminded why their business really exists in the world.

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