dara okeeffe

Dara O’Keeffe

Heart of House Manager

Dara’s passion has always been people. She’s curious to meet others from all walks of life, is eager to hear and learn from their stories and – best of all – to make meaningful connections. In her role at ?What If!, Dara oversees the building’s operations and facilities planning for the NYC office. She is usually found happily running around the office making sure everything is in order and set up for success for everything from immersive client sessions to in-house baby showers.

Dara comes to ?What If! by way of Dublin, Ireland, where she worked as a Vascular/Cardiac Physiologist in hospitals before deciding to move to the “Big Smoke.” She likes to say that since arriving in New York City, she made the change from studying the heart to becoming the Heart of House manager.

Outside of work, Dara can be found dying her hair all the colors of the rainbow and perfecting her yoga poses.

The ?! moment I’ve felt the most Love:
From all my amazing co-workers, to the wonderful clients who join us in our space, to all the fun events I get to produce alongside our People and Heart of House teams, I certainly feel overwhelmed with love every day at ?What If!. “All you need is LOVE!”

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