Chris Moncrief


Chris believes that all people have the potential—and the right—to actively create the world around them. Whether developing new businesses or creating social impact solutions, Chris is committed to unlocking the innovator in everyone. As an Inventor at ?What If!, Chris helps clients navigate the big questions taking their businesses into the future, from the highest levels of visioning down into the details of execution.

Prior to joining ?What If!, Chris served as a coach and strategist for students, teachers, and administrators as they both reimagined their school, and pursued personal goals. As a product designer, he has designed systems, games, and experiences that aim to make exploring purpose and building agency fun, engaging, and accessible for all.

As a self-described “serial hustler,” Chris runs two small businesses and is always down to nerd out on the latest sci-fi TV show or superhero movie.

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest Adventure:
Is yet to come…

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