Chloe Krog

Chloe Krog


Chloe is passionate about people, innovative ideas and creative problem-solving – particularly when those coincide to positively impact the lives of others. She believes that there is a solution to every problem and loves getting to uncover them in her work at ?What If!.

Chloe started her career working in a variety of sales and marketing roles at Unilever. Thereafter, she moved full-time onto her own entrepreneurial venture, an online magazine. Her experience working in a large corporation developed her commercial skills and instilled an appreciation for diverse thinking. Additionally, Chloe’s start-up endeavours have grown her hunger to continually learn new skills.

When not researching and dreaming about sustainable innovations that could change the world, Chloe can be found illustrating puns, solving mystery cases and taking long walks (sometimes across countries).

The ?! moment I’ve had the greatest adventure:
Is yet to come…

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